Generosity – What a wonderful word, just the sound of it gives you the feeling of kindness in action.  More than ever before I want to be a generous person.  It is not being generous with what you have, but is about being generous with who you are.  Once that happens possessions are immaterial, and they will not determine what you give and how you give.


Personal story – I am one of seven children, we did not have great possessions, nor did we do a lot of traveling.  Life was very simple to put it mildly, but I did have an amazing family that cared for me.  My Mom was amazing; she was one of the most creative people I have ever met.  She did more with less, she could stretch food and feed us with literally crumbs from someone else’s table and make it taste amazing.  Everyone wanted to eat at her table.  I learned how to be a giver from her.  She shared all that she had with others, never asking anything in return.  She instilled in all of her children “Generosity”. 


Growing up we had many people in our church family that reached out to us and gave without conditions.  They saw the need of a family and helped us freely.  I learned the importance of seeing the needs of others and finding a way to meet that need without drawing attention to myself or embarrassing others.  I am thankful for the amazing things that some of the following families did for my family and me: the Camplongs, JP and Wilma Hood, the Collins, Dr. Walter Clark and Lucille Clark, Copelands, Ralph and Shirley Privette, the Williams, the Haseldens, and the Hamptons.


Each of these families helped in their own special way and demonstrated great generosity to my family.  I am forever grateful for their generosity.


Grace – I have learned so much from the family at Grace. The willingness to be so generous to so many through the years is phenomenal.  Time and time again Grace has reached out to so many with money, food, clothing, kindness and most of all love.  Grace has reached out to and been generous to thousands around the world.  This past year alone Grace demonstrated generosity to families in Houston thru Samaritan’s Feet, extra giving to Missionaries around the world and generosity to families in Rock Hill.  Grace Ministries could be renamed “Generous Grace”.


Scripture – The Scriptures teaches us about generosity and how to be generous.  As we read the Word Of GOD allow the HOLY SPIRIT to open our heart to see how GOD’S love to us is so generous.  We cannot measure GOD’S Grace and generosity, but we can be an instrument of HIS Grace and Generosity.  LORD, our prayer this year is for YOU to empty us so YOU can fill us so YOU can pour us out on others.


Luke 6:37-38

“Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults—unless, of course, you want the same treatment. Don’t condemn those who are down; that hardness can boomerang. Be easy on people; you’ll find life a lot easier. Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.”



Pastor Tim