Generous with our Hope

A year of being generous in our city... Generocity.


Generosity by Julie Boan

Generosity. What does that mean? Many people connect this word with giving $$. What does being generous as a believer mean?

Recently I had the honor of visiting a friend and her sister at Wayne T Patrick hospice house. You see my friend was losing her sister to a battle with cancer. This touched my heart greatly bc I’ve lost loved ones to cancer. She wouldn’t leave her sisters side. A day later there was a post on Facebook about needs at the same hospice house. It’s simple things like drinks and snacks. 

Being generous doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to be rich to be generous. It can be your time, your smile, it can be holding someones hand when they think they can’t face tomorrow, wiping their tears, it can be taking all the grace and love God’s given you and sharing that with someone else, it can be dropping off snacks and drinks to hospice so families don’t have to leave their loved one.  Whatever the need is reach out with a servants heart. Be ready for whatever God wants you to do. Just by simply being Hands of Grace