Growing Prayer Life

The Release of The SPIRIT


Week 4 Reflection


Ten Keys for a Growing Prayer Life


As you conclude Week 4 of this prayer journey, know that this journey is only beginning. As you move forward on the path God is laying before you, keep these ten keys in mind:


1.Keep prayer God-centered rather than problem-centered.


2.See prayer as a privilege rather than a duty.


3.Let faith be Christ-centered rather than technique-centered.


4.Focus on the Spirit’s help rather than your skill.


5.Enter by Christ’s blood rather than your merits.


6.Embrace Christ’s authority rather than Satan’s lies.


7.Exercise prayer like a victor rather than a victim.


8.Build prayer around God’s Word rather than your will.


9.Pray regularly rather than occasionally.


10.Approach prayer as an encounter rather than a request.