Day 2

The Release of The SPIRIT

 Worship God


Consider God’s Authority


A powerful storm produces wall-shaking, window-rattling thunder—the kind that for a split second makes you think that Jesus is near. The people of Israel encountered such thunder when God descended on Mt. Sinai with smoke and fire. The people trembled, Moses spoke, and “God answered him in thunder” (Exodus 19:19).


But sometimes in the storms, thunder is heard as a soft rumble in the distance. Sometimes a quieter voice reveals God’s authority and power. Elijah was hiding in a cave when God passed by. There was wind, an earthquake, and fire, but God was not in any of them. Elijah approached the opening of the cave with his face covered and heard the voice of God. God was not in the loud, spectacular moments but in a simple voice.


What is God doing in your life right now? Is He shaking your world and trying to get your attention, or is He asking you to listen for Him and respond in full submission? How will you encounter the authority of God today—in the booming thunder or in the still small voice?


Pray the Scriptures:

1 Kings 19:9–13

Job 37:1–7

Revelation 12:10–12


Focus Today:

Consider today’s weather and God’s control over it. Praise Him for His authority over the earth and weather patterns. Take time today to worship God and put yourself under His protective authority.


He says to the snow, “Fall on the earth,” and to the rain shower, “Be a mighty downpour.” (Job 37:5)